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Cognitive Coaching

***COVID-19 update: all services, including individual, group classes, and consultations, are provided online via Zoom videoconferencing. Insurance coverage for online services is the same as for in-office services. Learn more about online speech therapy here, or contact us for more information.***

What is cognitive coaching?

“Executive function” is the technical term for what we like to think of as brain engineering. This type of brain wiring is classically associated with ADHD, although many of our clients do not have a formal diagnosis. Do you feel like you struggle to do a large number of seemingly simple tasks, that appear effortless to most other people? Is your list of “I should…”s an ever-present, shameful shadow?

Cognitive coaching addresses:

  • Problems with organization and time management
  • A tendency to start lots of things but rarely finish anything
  • Extremely low tolerance for boredom
  • Being easily distracted or forgetful
  • Anxiety about difficult tasks
  • Racing, jumbled thought patterns
  • Poor awareness of time
  • Difficulty focusing and/or tendency to hyperfocus
  • A tendency to blurt things out
  • Feeling like you think faster and differently than most people around you


What happens in executive function coaching?

Executive function coaching, or cognitive coaching, is designed to help you understand how your brain is wired and use that to your advantage. Capitalize on your strengths and effectively manage your weaknesses. Cognitive coaching typically involves learning a lot about how the brain and emotions impact behavior and collaboratively building strategies and habits to make life easier.

The goal of cognitive coaching is to give you a sense of control and confidence over your own life. Become an effective problem-solver, stop having things fall through the cracks, and learn to actually enjoy your superpowered brain.


What are the results of cognitive coaching?

To quote one of our clients, "You become a functioning human being."

Broadly speaking, cognitive coaching gives you to have a steady handle on your brain, which in turn provides a sense of steadiness and control in life. You'll have a much greater understanding of your brain's strengths, weaknesses, and what your trigger points are for getting sucked into negative, perseverative spirals. You'll know what factors in the environment impact your performance, for better or for worse, and strategies for optimizing or compensating accordingly. 

You'll have a much easier time managing daily tasks and demands because your brain won't be so noisy. Cognitive coaching clients typically report significantly reduced stress from basic daily tasks and a greater ability to forgive themselves and others for mistakes. Challenges and tendencies will always be there (especially in cases of TBI or other acquired injuries), but you'll be far more equipped to respond and adapt to what the world throws at you. 

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