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What is "empowerment" in speech therapy?

Empowerment includes activities that focus on the nexus between the individual person and the world that they live in. Communication exists only in context, and a challenging or unsupportive environment can derail even the most effective speakers. Empowerment activities include everything from role-play to self-disclosure to taking on a new challenge, like a presentation or blind date. 

Empowerment is connected to two outcomes (Cs): confidence and change.

Confidence (ease x empowerment) occurs when you can consistently execute a skill and are able to adapt to environmental challenges. You might not be perfect, but you’re able to get up and continue on if you’ve been knocked down.

Change (education x empowerment) occurs when you have the knowledge and courage to forge your own path forward. You’re able to see a goal or challenge you want to overcome, and are able to make your own plan and keep yourself moving forward.


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