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March 12, 2019

Vocal Hygiene 101

By: Natalie Belling

How would we feel if we didn’t take a shower? Maybe we spent the day running errands, or commuting to and from work, or attending a yoga or spin class. If we didn’t take time to get clean—even if it’s just after a normal day—we would feel pretty disgusting. On many different levels, hygiene is a good thing!

Just as important as day-to-day hygiene is vocal hygiene. Vocal hygiene is something that we don't normally think about, and our voice can suffer because of it. The goal of a vocal hygiene program is to protect our voice so it can complete all of the tasks we want it to do throughout the day.

Vocal hygiene can be broken down into three areas:

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September 17, 2013

Your voice is a choice

I had the great delight of watching Lake Bell’s In a World... last night. The film is a practical demonstration of popular voice trends in modern America, and why it’s so important for everyone to cultivate and care for their voice.

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