Support groups

National Stuttering Association: Provides support, friendship, and information to the stuttering community. Hosts annual conference bringing together hundreds of people who stutter and their loved ones, and has local chapters throughout the country.

FRIENDS: Provides support, education, and empowerment to children and teens who stutter, their families and clinicians. Hosts annual convention and regional one-day conferences throughout the year. Offers mentor/mentee program - Stepping Up

Shared Voices: Community center in the greater Chicagoland community providing a home for people who stutter, and people impacted by stuttering, by creating a safe space and meaningful opportunities for connection.

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young: Empowers, educates, and supports young people who stutter and the world that surrounds them. Programs include summer camp, speech therapy, and after-school programs.

Online communities

Reddit: An online forum for discussion and information on stuttering

Stuttering Arena: Facebook group for people who stutter to share their feelings and ideas with fellow stutterers. Private group, must request admin to add you.

NSA teens: Facebook group for teenagers (age 13-17) who stutter and their families. Private group, must request admin to add you.

NSA young adults: Facebook group for young adults (20 and 30 somethings) who stutter. Private group, must request admin to add you.

Stutter Social: Free and fun sharing and connecting with other people who stutter using Google Hangouts (group video chats).

Women who Stutter: Our Stories: Facebook group exclusively for women who stutter of all backgrounds and ages to share the emotional and inspirational moments that make up their lives. Private group, must request admin to add you.

International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference: Annual virtual conference during the month of October. From October 1, submissions will be published on a variety of topics related to stuttering. An online forum, Talk to a Professional, is also available, where you can ask questions of professionals in the field of stuttering. There is also a section “ISAD Around the World” where people can post and comment on different activities on, or around, the ISAD.


StutterTalk: First and longest running podcast on stuttering. More than 600 episodes featuring people who stutter, researchers, speech-language pathologists, leaders in the self-help community, family members, famous people who stutter and others.

Women Who Stutter: Podcast interviewing women who stutter sharing their stories and experiences.

Stuttering is Cool: Podcast created in order to build a community and spread the word about the benefits of taking steps out of one’s comfort zones and developing a positive outlook toward one’s own stuttering.

Stuttering Foundation: Features a variety of episodes focused on providing relevant and practical clinical knowledge, research updates, support and advice for parents, special segments such as supporting therapists working in the school setting, and more.


Out With It

Stuttering: Inspiring Stories and Professional Wisdom

Dear World, I Stutter: A Series of Open Letters From a Person Who Stutters

Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen

Stuttering Is Cool (great for kids and teens!)



The Way We Talk


My Beautiful Stutter

TED talks

How to Fit a Square Peg Through a Round Hole

The Thing Is, I Stutter

The Power of a Stutter

Stuttering and the Art of Mountain Biking

Turning fear inside out

Please let me finish my sentence

YouTube videos and channels

George Springer

Covert Stuttering: My Story

Stuttering: Part of Me

TeaTalks: Living with a stutter


Make Room for the Stuttering


The Stuttering Foundation

American Institute for Stuttering

speech IRL blog

Schneider speech

News articles