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Introduction to the 3Es


Putting it all together

Are you an SLP wondering if you're really doing the right thing with your clients who stutter? Are you overwhelmed by all the different approaches out there (some of which directly contradict each other), and don't know how to sort through them all for an individual client? Or, do you feel like your stuttering therapy skills are too narrow, but you don't know how to write goals or create treatment plans that incorporate broader approaches?

The 3Es is for you.

The 3Es of stuttering therapy is NOT a treatment method or self-contained approach. It is simply a framework that highlights what matters in stuttering therapy, as defined by people who stutter and current research findings. The 3Es can be used to help clinicians and speech therapy clients quickly identify what they want to work on therapy (skills and goals, both concrete and abstract), with correlating practical suggestions for how to create treatment plans and session outlines to achieve those goals. 

Experts in stuttering often say, "There is no cookbook for stuttering therapy." This is true. Good therapy must be individualized. However, not all of us are chefs! Sometimes, we need recipes to help us learn.

Our hope is that the 3Es framework can serve as introductory recipe for stuttering therapy, a path for SLPs, people who stutter, and family members who are beginning their stuttering therapy journeys. The 3Es is meant to help you get started by offering suggestions, while encouraging exploration along the way. 


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