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Welcome to the new speech IRL. 

After a decade of serving individual clients and providing communication classes, speech IRL has evolved into a consultation and training-focused practice. Our educational services are designed for students, professionals, and organizations in the speech therapy, coaching, and counseling industries. 

For individuals seeking speech therapy and coaching services, we are thrilled to offer a unique referral list, featuring former speech IRL clinicians who now own and operate their own independent practices. 

A Different Kind of Speech Therapy Listening Speech IRL Blog


The speech IRL blog features articles about speech therapy, business and practice ethics, and general philosophizing about how humans communicate. 

Blog _ Introducing the 3Es _ speechIRL


The 3Es Homepage features both peer-reviewed and blog-published articles, free therapy resources, presentation decks, and more!

Find a speech IRL clinician


Find a clinician through our referral list, featuring practices owned and operated by former speech IRL team members.