Stuttering Intensive Program FAQ


Do you offer financial assistance?

We recognize that this program is expensive and are working on options to make it more accessible. If you are in need of financial assistance, please e-mail


Is lunch included in the price?

Participants will be responsible for their meals, including lunch. You may choose to bring a lunch or go out with the group. Lunch is a good opportunity to interact with fellow program participants, clinicians, and students in an informal dynamic and practice newly learned skills IRL. A catered luncheon will be provided on family and friends day.


Do you provide housing?

No. Out-of-town participants are responsible for their own housing and transportation to speech IRL. Staff can provide recommendations for accommodations. speech IRL is close to several train and bus lines.


Will insurance pay for this program?

No. Insurance does not cover intensive programs for stuttering. However, this program can be paid for with funds from HSA or FSA health accounts.