Stuttering Group Therapy





A weekly therapy group focused on navigating the professional world as a person who stutters. One of the great challenges of stuttering is the feeling of "Nobody else I know has this problem." This can be especially challenging in the workplace, where stuttering can feel like a barrier to professional growth. Working through your communication struggles alongside others is an incredibly powerful change-maker.

Topics focus on:

Stuttering in difficult professional situations

Self-disclosure (advertising) of stuttering to supervisors and co-workers

Exploring negative thoughts and attitudes towards stuttering

         "I won't get this promotion because I stutter"

         "I can't stutter while talking to clients"

         "People will think I am not qualified"

Social communication skills





Groups follow the Avoidance Reduction model developed by Vivian Sisskin, while also incorporating aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Although group sessions are heavily directed by client goals and motivations, a session may include:

Structured activities to desensitize to your stuttering (IRL!). This includes exposure to feared situations, talking about stuttering to others, etc.

Motor practice to reduce struggle behaviors and facilitate forward moving speech

Discussion to explore thoughts and feelings associated with stuttering as a young professional

Creating and reporting on successes and challenges of weekly homework assignments


4-6 young professionals with 1-2 clinical staff


Thursdays, 5-6:30pm, with new sections opening soon!