Adults have unique learning styles and abilities that are very different from children. Our approach at speech IRL centers around adult learning patterns, with a strong educational component so that you are equipped to evaluate and improve your abilities even when therapy is finished.


The basics

After a thorough evaluation to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, therapy typically begins with very structured activities in a controlled, office-based environment. This combination of activities and setting allow you to develop and solidify fundamental speech skills.

Once you've mastered these skills in the office setting, we branch out to more challenging locations and activities. Settings can include coffeeshops, stores, outdoor festivals, or even your favorite neighborhood bar. Activities might include phone calls, presentations, interviews, or speeches. These environments and tasks will test your ability to maintain your newly-developed communication skills in the face of real distractions. When you can do it "for real", we know you have accomplished your goal!

Practice makes perfect

Practice is an absolutely essential component of a successful speech therapy program as an adult. You have been communicating a certain way for your entire life in a cycle of self-reinforcement. The only way to change that pattern is to reinforce a different method, and the only way to reinforce is consistent, intentional practice.

We will provide you with explicit home programs so that you can practice the proper skills at the proper level to ensure mastery and generalization. Each home program is built customized from scratch, with the same functional approach so that even your practice mirrors real life.

A fresh perspective

Many of our clients have been through multiple rounds of speech therapy in the past. We take into account your entire history of speech therapy (and any attempts at independent self-improvement) to find out what worked, what didn't, and what resonates with you. 

We often start with "classic" approaches, then customize your toolkit as you and your clinician get to know each other. At speech IRL, we are always open to discussing new options. If a particular approach isn't working for you, we want you to say so!

Our goal is for you to achieve your goals. There are any number of roads we can take-- we'll figure out the right one, together.