About speech IRL

speech IRL was founded in the spring of 2013. I had spent the past few years working individually with adult clients, and realized that students and professionals have communication demands that go far beyond the usual scenarios targeted in a traditional speech therapy clinic setting. At the same time, I realized that most of the practices in Chicago were structured around a pediatric or hospital-associated rehabilitative model. 

My goal in forming speech IRL was to create a practice that could provide flexible, intensive speech therapy that simulates real-life challenges as much as possible. This allows us to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals-- the city of Chicago is our clinic!


Our Team

Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP

Founder, Speech-Language Pathologist


Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Undergrad: University of Toronto, English & Linguistics

Graduate: Northwestern University, Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical specialties: stuttering, social communication, ADHD, psychological experience of communication

Known for: ever-changing hair

When I'm not SLP-ing: yoga, tea, Minecraft, Marvel comics, video games, cognitive science

Before I was an SLP: spent four years working at an ice cream factory

Most important communication skill (IMO): learning how to talk to your brain

Favorite place in Chicago: Fulton Market on a Monday morning, when it is bustling with deliveries and stinks of fish



Courtney Luckman, MA, CF-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Hometown: Newport News, Virginia

Undergrad: University of Virginia, Psychology & Cognitive Science

Graduate: University of Maryland, Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical specialties: stuttering, autism spectrum disorders, social communication, counseling

Known for: her cookies

When I'm not SLP-ing: baking, writing, hiking, traveling

Before I was an SLP: studied chimpanzee and gorilla behavior at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Most important communication skill (IMO): confidence

Favorite place in Chicago: Japanese Osaka Garden


Rachel Muldoon, MSc, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.08.16 AM.png

Hometown: Growing up with a military father and a traveler’s spirit, I have lived in no less than 4 countries (USA, Germany, Chile, UK) and 5 states (IL, WI, MD, HI, TX) in my life! The place I lived the most growing up was Olney, Maryland, but as my family has all moved out of the area and I rarely go back, it’s not really home anymore.

Undergrad: Marquette University, Speech-Language Pathology

Graduate: Texas Christian University, Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical specialties: social communication, voice, articulation, accent modification

Known for: Traveling all the time!

When I'm not SLP-ing: yoga, being outdoors, reading, good wine, cooking, farmer’s markets, spending time with my family

Before I was an SLP: danced ballet, including performing in the Nutcracker over at least 6 Christmas seasons

Most important communication skill (IMO): be willing to make mistakes

Favorite place in Chicago: the bike path along Lake Shore Drive up near Fullerton Beach


Erica Seifert, MSc, CF-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan

Undergrad: The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; B.A. Linguistics; B.A. Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience; French minor

Graduate: Northwestern University; Speech, Language & Learning

Clinical specialties: Transgender Voice & Communication, Voice Therapy, Accent Modification

Known for: Smiling for no apparent reason

When I’m not SLP-ing: cooking, eating, hiking, reading, hanging out with my cat (Frodo)

Before I was an SLP: Studied in Switzerland, spent a summer as an au pair to two Italian kids in Rome

Most important communication skill (IMO): Body language! 

Favorite place in Chicago: The Sculpture Garden at the Art Institute