About speech IRL

speech IRL was founded in the spring of 2013. I had spent the past few years working individually with adult clients, and realized that students and professionals have communication demands that go far beyond the usual scenarios targeted in a traditional speech therapy clinic setting. At the same time, I realized that most of the practices in Chicago were structured around a pediatric or hospital-associated rehabilitative model. 

My goal in forming speech IRL was to create a practice that could provide flexible, intensive speech therapy that simulates real-life challenges as much as possible. This allows us to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals-- the city of Chicago is our clinic!


Our Team

Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP

Founder, Speech-Language Pathologist


I am an Illinois-licensed speech-language pathologist. I'm a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA). My special interests are stuttering, voice, and articulation. I'm a member of ASHA's Special Interest Groups for stuttering and voice. I'm also a certified SpeechEasy and SpeechEasyPD provider.

I began my speech therapy career at age 10. As a kid who loved languages, I was disappointed when I didn’t “qualify” for the speech therapy sessions that both my younger brothers attended. Not to be left out, I appointed myself home therapist and sat down nightly to review /s/ words with them.

My interest in language and communication has remained steady. I received a dual specialist degree in English and linguistics at the University of Toronto, where I focused on English sociolinguistics and phonology. I worked in the financial services industry in Toronto for a year before relocating to Chicago to study speech-language pathology at Northwestern University.

My experience as a speech-language pathologist spans school, inpatient, outpatient, and private practice settings. Through these different environments, I’ve learned that what excites me most is working alongside motivated individuals to achieve real, meaningful improvement in their communication skills.

In addition to speech IRL, I co-lead the City of Chicago chapter of the National Stuttering Association. I believe strongly in a “whole person” approach to communication, and the NSA lives out this philosophy in its people and organization.

When I’m not doing “speechie things” (which honestly are my favorite things to do!), you can find me practicing yoga, playing video games, drinking tea, and enjoying Chicago’s food scene with my husband John.


Ryan Jagnandan, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


I am a speech-language pathologist with a diverse professional background across the corporate and clinical worlds. 

I moved to Chicago after graduating from the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor in 2005 (Go Blue!) and began a career as an agency recruiter and later an in-house recruiter for quickly-growing, entrepreneurial start-ups such as LivingSocial and InnerWorkings. In these roles, I collaborated with hiring managers worldwide and counseled thousands of prospective employees through the interview and hiring process. After several years in the corporate world, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in speech-language pathology in order to help people succeed in all areas of life via their communication skills. I received my master's in speech-language pathology from Saint Xavier University. 

My clinical experience includes voice, fluency, language, articulation, and cognition within school and hospital settings. I am especially passionate about helping adults and children improve the clarity of their spoken messages through clear voice and articulation along with organized language. I am a certified Lee Silverman Voice Treatment provider. In addition to my role at speech IRL, I serve students with diverse speech and language needs at Chicago Public Schools. 

On the personal side, I love taking long walks around Chicago with my husband and our black lab, reading novels with my book club, and visiting my family back "home" in Michigan.

I am a huge believer in the speech IRL philosophy, and thrilled to be part of the team! My hope for clients is that they will gain confidence through improved communication to help them live their lives to the fullest.


Natalie Belling, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

My practice areas of interesting include stuttering, accent modification, articulation and voice disorders in both the adult and pediatric populations.

I was drawn to speech-language pathology because I have a personal experience with the field and a passion for language and communication. As a person who stutters, I understand how vital communication is to everything we do, and know the challenges that come when an individual has difficult expressing themselves in some way. Through my years of speech therapy, I have experienced the long journey of treatment for a communication disorder, and understand the power that can come from finding and accepting your own voice through speech-language therapy.

A Chicago native, I received my undergraduate degree from Loyola University in English and Communication. I completed my graduate degree in Speech, Language, and Learning at Northwestern University. My clinical experiences have taught me that each client is an individual with unique perspectives, insights, and challenges in their lives, and my job is to support each client and help them through whatever obstacles they are facing in that moment.

In my free time, I love exploring the city, going to museums, and trying new restaurants (because I love food). 

I am so excited to have this opportunity to work here at speech IRL and to share my insight as a person who stutters.


Enanna Sheena, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

I’m Enanna (pronounced /inana/) and I’m happy to be on the team at speech IRL! My areas of passion and interest are treatment of voice disorders and transgender voice/communication, as well as being an advocate for marginalized communities of all varieties.

I became interested in speech-language pathology as a classically trained vocalist during my undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I also majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The the idea of being able to help differing communities, as well as explore my interests in learning languages seemed too good to be true. I then returned home to Chicago and received my graduate degree in Speech, Language, and perform Northwestern University, where I was able to further explore my clinical interests and grow into a confident clinician.