Communication happens in real life.
So should speech therapy.

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Does stuttering impact your interactions? Are you self-conscious about speech sound difficulties from childhood? Is your voice unable to carry you through the day?

Do you struggle to speak in an organized, clear manner? Do the right words evade you? Do people skills seem like an unattainable mystery?

One of the most common refrains heard during the speech therapy process is, "I can do it during my therapy session, but I can't do it out in the real world."

So we decided to do something about it.

speech IRL is a speech therapy practice serving youth, teens and adults in Chicago. We recognize that students and professionals have high communication demands, and that strong speaking skills are essential to success.

Our therapy methods go beyond the traditional four walls of a speech therapy clinic to achieve functional, high-impact results. Whether you're a college student or CEO, we use your personal activities to target speech goals.

Speech therapy. In real life.